Health IT Enterprise Architecture & Service Oriented Architecture

We know how complex Healthcare IT Enterprise systems can be to implement correctly, maintain efficiently, and interconnect amongst appropriate standards. At Book Zurman, Inc. we are committed to crafting Service Oriented Architecture-based systems on a secure, scalable, interoperable and dynamic platform with end to end visibility and manageability. We include robust IT governance, standardization, and the most sophisticated software and information infrastructure.

Our approach to developing robust Healthcare IT Enterprise Architecture & Service Oriented Architecture is guided by the BASIS© Framework. The touchstones of our BASIS© Framework, as it pertains to IT architecture, include empowered teams, active stakeholder involvement (including business process owners and prospective users), small incremental releases, frequent delivery of products, and short feedback loops. Crafting solutions using this approach allow us to productively manage costs, quality, and scope of the project.  

The BASIS© Framework highlights the following architecture components:

  • Model Driven Approach
  • Ability to target multiple platforms
  • Advanced clinical and technical information modeling
  • Clinical terminology expertise
  • Internationally connected models
  • Ability to feed standards development processes

At Book Zurman, Inc. our performance excellence in service and operations management is driven by our vast experience with commercial and governmental IT operations, and our commitment to and experience with ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) and CMMI Level 3 procedures. We adhere to interoperability as a crucial component that encompasses data standards, follows a Service Oriented Architecture, and highlights a commitment to open standards. We focus on crafting robust architecture that functions as a service to other applications.

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